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The Earthlings are a group of musician with a knack for the eclectic. Born in a Madison basement in the winter of 2010, the collective began as a group of friends expressing themselves through musical experimentation. Within a year, it expanded from one recording of a few people to an album of sixteen musical collages called, “Earth”, featuring the contributions of a dozen musicians and a core group of five members. The formation of The Earthlings itself is reflective of their sound: malleable, multi-polar, and evolutionary. With a base rooted in groove and dynamism, the music traverses the genres of the 50’s to the present era, exploring early rock n’ roll drive and folk swing with a neo-reggae and electronic elements.

As 2011 passed into 2012, the band progressed into a more defined and engaged entity, performing for Wisconsin audiences in Madison and Milwaukee and playing with like minded groups such as Venice Gas House Trolley and Wook. The Earthlings were affirmed of their growth when they received a spot on Summerfest’s Harley Davidson Stage by winning Milwaukee’s River Rhythms Battle of the Bands.

Currently, The Earthlings’ are playing out around the Midwest to promote their 5th album “Akashic Record”, the first of an ongoing conceptual series. “Akashic Record” sheds light on the group’s new & ever evolving soundscape, and hones in on their collective songwriting approach.  Legendary spoken word artist Flowpoetry (Adam Pergament) makes several esteemed appearances. The music captures harmonic tones, metamorphic synths, colossal drumbeats, sweeping saxophones, and dynamic punchy grooves that fuel into enlivening buildups, anthemic choruses, and silky sweep-aways in a synth/sample-luscious atmosphere. The album was recorded at the all analog Williamson Magnetic Recording Company then mixed and overdubbed at Audio for the Arts in Madison. Captured therein is the present warmth of tape while utilizing the depth and scope of digital production available today.


The songs were written in Freewheel Community Bike Shop’s warehouse and refined and arranged in the former Smart Studios in Madison, where many musical influences of the band itself were recorded. “Akashic Record’’ is the first episode in a continuing series of multimedia storytelling, chronicling the band’s para-dimensional counterparts and the journey they share.

The use of various instrumentations, vocal harmony, and lead-sharing create an immersive architecture that the band gives life to with passionate energy. As positive vibrations spill forth from their instruments, people become filled with the spirit of shared luminous consciousness and leave the experience with an impression that carries on the excitement into their lives, making the world a more alive, loving place.

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