This recording takes the listener to a myriad of soundscapes, as it was recorded in cabins along the Wisconsin River, old hay barns, state of the art music recording colleges, and even the former Madison CC Riders Motorcycle clubhouse. Each song takes on the distinct energy and personality that was present in the location that it was recorded in, and in part makes “Lings” a journey that will leave the listener feeling connected to the intimacy of nature.



Tides is a collection of road trip classics and energized anthems like "11:11" and "Whale Song".

It represents an unforgettable era where the entire band lived, worked and breathed in the same city. It contains The Earthlings' biggest hits to date.

Large-soft-deep ambient sounds, layered in blind, captured using unusual recording techniques combined with a lazy fascination for philosophical discussion initially brought Elliott Gilfilian and Joshua Alley together. With the addition of Tom Guenther's ukulele and vocals the scope of the project grew more distinct and melodic shapes and harmonic forms began emerging from delicately flowing ambient soundscapes. Future Native Americans originated here, in the music emerging at the edge of the ambient tide-pool, and quickly discovered an affinity for evolution…

Future Native Americans - Family P

The Earthlings began as a body of musicians gathering together to experiment and rediscover the language of music through impromptu recording sessions.  These sessions culminated in the release of “Earth” which established an evolutionary combination both musically and technically.


Floating Oceans

Floating Oceans is a collection of songs that documents the first chapter of Novocaine's musical evolution. The eldest song of the EP, "NL2BD", was first conceptualized in fall of 2012 after returning to Wisconsin from audio engineering school in Minneapolis. It has what lives at the core of all Novocaine songs; groove, sinuous samples, field recordings, and prominent melodies. Each song is an exploration in how emotions and memories, future and past, can be evoked with these tools.

Brainplate Records & The Earthlings Present

Written over the past few years and recorded nearly impromptu, these songs capture a cosmic breathing energy that has become the Hallmark of Earthlings’ shows. Filling deep grooves with lush analog synths only to be launched back into the atmosphere with sensational ecstatic builds. 

Revelåtiøns øf the Silver Spøøn is an album title derived from the fascination of light and how viewing the simple twist of a silver spoon can flip the perceived world upside down. A moment, a tool, perspective, reflection; these are all seeds of this collection of songs I made from August 2013 to August 2014.

Here you go folks. 

Cheers, Nøå

Revelåtiøns øf the Silver Spøøn