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Large-soft-deep ambient sounds, layered in blind, captured using unusual recording techniques combined with a lazy fascination for philosophical discussion initially brought Elliott Gilfilian and Joshua Alley together. With the addition of Tom Guenther's ukulele and vocals the scope of the project grew more distinct and melodic shapes and harmonic forms began emerging from delicately flowing ambient soundscapes. Future Native Americans originated here, in the music emerging at the edge of the ambient tide-pool, and quickly discovered an affinity for evolution…

The first live appearance of the group was at a magnificent 3-keg house party in early 2009, and featured 5 members: Elliott, Joshua, Tom, Noah Gilfilian, and Daniel Lois. The party was busted, but the music was bumpin’ and the band of brothers safely escaped.

After a 3-month hiatus Future Native Americans was reincarnated in Milwaukee as a three-piece folk-jazz-rock band with Joshua and Tom on guitar/ukulele and vocals, and Sean Hanley on drums. As a trio, the group played around River West adding gypsy jazz and bluegrass stylings to their sound. In 2010, Sean moved to pursue his skateboarding career and school/life pulled the remaining members of the band in different directions, leading to another temporary dissolution.

After nearly a year in a dormant state, long time friend Jerry Ford joined Joshua to assist in reviving the Future Native American’s vibe for a recording session at Whitewater Studios. Joshua continued writing songs for the group over the course of the next year and the following January, Future Native Americans once more took shape in the studio.

After a grueling 44 hour recording weekend Josh, Elliott, Jerry, and friend, guitarist/studio wizard Justin Cunningham completed 5 new tracks for the group’s first EP. Goodnight Sleep, Awaken was completed in April of 2012; each of 7 tracks a different mood or flavor—a colorfully faceted taste of the music to come.

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